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Bishopswood Stretch of the River Wye - Worcester Angling Society,_Bishopswood.html

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Lower Bishopswood

This stretch of water is situated on the river Wye, just a few miles from Ross-on-Wye.  It is set in very pleasant countryside and can produce good bags of chub and roach.  Also, during recent years, good-sized barbel are beginning to show on the water.  There are a fair number of pike present for those interested in this species.  The water extends to approximately three quarters of a mile.

The Society has an Honorary Bailiff who lives nearby. He regularly checks people fishing the water. Remember, if the bailiff asks for your card, they are working for the Society and you, it’s members.

This water may be let to other clubs.  The peg fee will be £40 for the whole of the water. Payment will be required when booking the water.  The Society rules and byelaws to be adhered to.  Clubs using the water must indemnify this Society against any subsequent or future claims arising from the use of the water.

Use of Maggott.  The maggott ban has been lifted for this water for 2010. The main condition of the dispensation is that only micro-barb hooks are to be used.

Day Permits

‘Day Permits’ for non-members are available for the Wye at Bishopswood.  ‘Day Permits’ cost £7.00.,or £30 per season and are available from Wye Angling.

Photographs courtesy of Worcester Angling Club


Ross on Wye Town stretch of the River Wye - Day Ticket Fishing


 The town stretch of the Wye offers some of the BEST fishing the Wye has to offer!  One word of caution, get your tickets early as it can get extremely popular!  The stretch runs from below the rowing club, breaking at the Hope and Anchor pub (excellent beers on offer) and starts again after the last hotel down to Wilton Bridge.  Roach and Dace regularly run through the stretch towards late summer and autumn with plenty of decent Chub and Barbel found throughout.  Round on the last bend plenty of real specimen Carp can be found and are regularly caught in early season.  Pike anglers paradise is what some of the locals have called it and Anglers travel from all four corners to try and catch one of them.

Tickets avaliable from the shop for £7.00................yes £7.00


Wye-Lea Fishery Bridstow River Wye

 wyelea fishery 001  wyelea fishery 2

wyelea fishery 3


This is a relatively "new" stretch, with details very sketchy.  It is home to some large Barbel and some monster Chub!  Tickets are limited so please book well in advance.  Please check back for more details once the season is in full flow.

Tickets avaliable from the shop £15.00.

Photographs taken by Kevin Kear.

Monmouth and District Angling Society -

River Wye

River Wye (Coarse Fishing only)


Please note that the Upper section of the Wye is now only fishable on the single (eastern side) bank

Fishing on the western bank (the side closest to the A40 dual carriageway) is now controlled by the Wye and Usk Foundation.

Coarse Fishing Only in Season – 16th June to 15th March.

Please note that on the Duke’s Water fishing is not allowed during the Salmon season (3rd March to 17th October). 

4 miles of coarse fishing only on the River Wye.  Winter Fishing for Barbel, Chub and Grayling.

photographs courtesy of Monmouth and district angling society.


Season Ticket prices for Monmouth and district angling society

2014 Adult Annual ticket  -  £ 40.00

2014 Annual retired (over 65) and concessions – £20.00

2014 Annual Family £45.00

2014 Annual Junior £5.00

Single Day Ticket prices

Day Ticket £ 10.00 – Please note that day tickets are not issued on the Bank Side.

If you buy a day ticket and would like to upgrade to an annual ticket, we offer a full refund of the day ticket price against the annual ticket.

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wye-barbel monmouth

River Wye -  Symonds Yat - Newport Angling Association

Day Tickets avaliable from the shop for £7.00 per day (Awesome Value)

The fabulous River   Wye's fame as a productive salmon fishery has traditionally overshadowed     its enormous potential for coarse species but this is gradually being   discovered by those in the know. The area is very popular with visitors   and walkers due to its natural beauty and there cannot be many places   to equal it. Look around you when you are fishing on a misty autumn   morning….its stunning!!!  Barbel are present   to double figures in this fast flowing stretch and can usually be caught     on usual feeder tactics while there are also some very large Pike to   be had for those willing to search out the hot spots, 20lb fish are   not uncommon and are backed up by plenty of doubles. Big Chub can also   offer some great action when fishing a feeder or float. There are huge shoals   of roach , dace and chub throughout the stretch however, the best time   for big bags of roach and dace are in the winter with a little bit of   extra water on and a little colour in the river. If you want a 2lb plus   roach then this place is a good one to try.


MEMBERSHIP FEES (Season)        

Senior Membership £35.00  

New Senior Membership + Joining Fee £50.00     
Senior Citizen (60+ years) £15.00        

New Senior Citizen (60+ years) + Joining Fee £30.00

Junior Membership (7-16 years) £12.00
DAY TICKETS         Still Water Day Tickets Senior (non-members) £5.00         Still Water Day Tickets Junior (non-members) £2.00

Membership Books run from 16th June through to 15th June the following year and can only be purchased from the local Tackle Shops

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River Wye -   - Newport Angling Association

NAA now have a   continuous   stretch of about 2.5 miles - both banks above and below Bigsweir bridge   - which is officially known as the 'Bigsweir' fishery (Not lower   Bigsweir   as that does not technically exist). the season is from the 18th October     to the 2nd March. There is a new fishery rule in place which MUST be adhered to and should     not pose any real problems as the stretch is 'members only' i.e.NO DAY   TICKETS. Anyone parking in either   Wyeseal Farm or the old railway station   carpark on Bigsweir Bridge, MUST display their NAA   licence in the windscreen of their vehicle so that the fishery owners   can see that the car belongs to a NAA member. Please remember to   shut all gates when you access the fishery. This is a stunning stretch   of river and also a famous salmon fishery so please make sure that you   do not leave any litter and respect the Fishery rules. The stretch opposite Wyeseal is often known as Tump farm and whilst   Bigsweir Estates own the fishery, the field that you can park in is   owned by Tump farm (salmon cottage I think its called). So whilst you   can fish there if you want to park your car you may be charged, They   should NOT charge you for the fishing.